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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cute as a button...Grandeurina Etsy Shop!

Photo courtesy of Grandeurina.
Hi Blog & Facebook fans!

For a little change of pace, I'm going to feature some Etsy shops you should check out. Ahem...the holidays are coming up. These would be great places to start your shopping for unique gifts!

Our first stop is at Grandeurina.

At Grandeurina you can find a plethora of button-y cuteness. I'm talking fabric buttons with Japanese designs, cute hair clips and accessories as well as earrings like the Japanese kimono fabric button earrings pictured!

Here is some background on the artist behind the Grandeurina Etsy shop, according to her profile:

She is Chinese, born in Singapore where multi-culture is the trend.

Her pieces are usually inspired by her thoughts, family members, cultures, old buildings and sometimes some traditional outfits like cheongsum (worn by Chinese) and kebaya (worn by Malay).

Days when she is free, she loves to take a seat at crowded places watching people walking by and drawing inspirations from their outfits and trying to figure out what accessories will appeal to them apart from what they are wearing.

Also, she is very inspired by Michael Kors who said that living in such hot climate (eg. Singapore), we do not have the luxury to do layering in our clothing but we can always depend on our accessories to make that statement. So True!

She loves being different and it shows in her creations which is why most of the art piece are PURPOSELY MISMATCHED!!! Each has a story to tell.

Happy Shopping!

~ Rachael,
The PaperCrafter's Nook
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